El seu passat prehistòric (VORC) (His Prehistoric Past - Charles Chaplin)

Comèdia, Curt
Mida: 80 Megues - Versió Original Rètols en Català (VORC)

His Prehistoric Past is a short movie written by and directed by Charlie Chaplin in 1914. He also stars in this short. It was Chaplin's last film with Keystone Studios.

Charlie dreams he is in the stone age. There King Low-Brow rules a harem of wives. Charlie, in skins and a bowler, falls in love with the king's favorite wife, Sum-Babee. During a hunting trip the king is pushed over a cliff. Charlie proclaims himself king, but Ku-Ku discovers the real king alive. They return to find Charlie and Sum- Babee together.
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